Multimedia Techniques as One of the Church’s Proclamation Media

Multimedia Techniques as One of the Church’s Proclamation Media

It will be very rare to find a society, an individual who in his life is free from technological progress. The development of this technology brings a flow of change for society at large. The change may be good and bad (including mindset, a way of acting, lifestyle, and ease of life). Even distance is no longer an obstacle. But in this paper will not be discussed negative side of technological progress. This paper focuses more on the positive side and how the Church uses it as its media of preaching.


The Nature of Technology in the Viewpoint of Philosophy and Church Theology

A very fast, that in this modern age the world is filled with technological advances. Human life is filled with technological tools. Even without the tools of technology people often do not know what to do in their work and life. This fact gained attention in the world of philosophy and the Church. Then how does the thought of the philosophical world understand technology? How does the Church see technological progress?

Chris Oyakhilome is one of those people who do not consider the taboo of technological progress. Pastor Chris instead uses technology as a media of preaching in every conference. In his annual conference, he always utilizes every line of technological advancement. It can not be denied that technology plays an important role for the spread of religion. Not only Christian but also other religions.

Technology from the Church’s Viewpoint

The Church has its own view of the advancement of technology (in particular multimedia technology) today. The message of the Holy Father Benedict XI on World Communications Day calls and reminds the two groups in the Church that are priests and young people. Through the theme of “Faith and service in the digital world: New media for the ministry of the Word”, Pope Benedict XII, May 16, 2010 to priests: “Digital communication is a sensitive and important pastoral field that provides new possibilities for priests in his pastoral ministry for and for the Word. Concerning all of us in the age of globalization as now, we are consumers and operators of social communication “. On World Communications Day 2009 Pope in his pastoral letter addressed young people and underlined that young people are very sensitive to being absorbed by the development of digital technology, which has an impact on deep change. The pope calls the youth as: the digital generation.